Intended audience: Adults

David Allan

Mikhail Strogoff Riding


Liz Anelli

Circular Quays

SCBWI Conference Invite

Desert Lake The story of Kati...

Possessive Adjectives

Newcastle On Foot Touring Map

Pearls Celebration

Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe

Danielle Belegris

Pho is Phantastic

Sandra Lynn Berg

A Word in Your Ear

Dahlia Bloom's Gardening...

Pre-dinner Ablutions

Alyssa Bermudez

The Nativity

We shall meet in the place whe...

Philip Blythe


Christian Bocquee

Ogre Poet

Christina Booth

Mrs Bea Knew He Was Special


Where to Start: The Dangerous...


Sometimes She is Sad

Matthew Broughton

Illustration for a book by Wil...

Stella Guitar

Table with papers

Persian Rider

Vintage Radio

Bike against fence

Melbourne Laneway

VW Beetle

Amanda Jade Burrell

The Legacy Part 2

The Legacy Part 3





Explorers Desk

The Legacy Part 1

Fiona Burrows


The Cut-out Stars

Looking Into the Past

The Wildflower Quilt

Gum Leaves

Moreton Bay Roots

In the Backyard

"The rain was an artist,...

Lorena Carrington

The Wild Swans


Baba Yaga's House

The Leaf Sets Sail

Dawn, Evening and Midnight

The Mother's Gift I &...

The Lindworm Sheds its Skin

The Spider's Gift

James Robert Cattell

The Approach of Albuminoid

Approaching Land

The Final Move

The Moon Lion


Melbourne City Circle tram

Albuman's Quest

Adam Celeban

High Tea at the Top End

Office Pandamonium

All-aboard the Clandestine Exp...

Regine Clarke

Living in a Terrarium

Forest of Thought


The Procrastinator

Moving Day

Fairytale Bookends

Graeme Laurence Compton

Hannah Hugs Howie

Howie Scarpers

River Boat



Vulture Bite!

Lisa Coutts

The Lone White Pigeon

Just Happy

Tallulah Cunningham

Knight Stain glass


Hidden Score



Laurel Scroll

Vaughan Duck


Liz Duthie

Dr Foster Stepped In A Puddle

More books for Matilda


Possum Played

Dr Foster #1

Belinda Elliott

The old artist


Sandra Eterovic

Girl with Turnip/ Lady and Liz...

Rowena Parade, 4pm

The Hungry Eye

Under the Couch

Napoleons Dumb Bell/ The King...

Read My Mind

Packaged Good (detail)

Peter Fairfax

Pae Schentt

Arsenic Rochentete


Loup Garou


The Mask

The Deep


Sebastian Fowler


A moment of calm

Marjory Gardner

Christmas card

Promotional postcard

Fancy Foxy

The thirsty spotted dinosaur


Rachel Gregg

i feel. i am fragile.

the kindest girls are the pret...


newer breed chart

Maxine Hamilton

Hooded Parrot

Thomas Hamlyn-Harris

Sin of the Mermaid

Chimp typing Hamlet

Managing Stress for Safety

James Hart

Sebastian Hawks

The Goonies

Sally Heinrich

Ephemerant - night

Singapore Zoo

Tree of Life - Earth

Sunshine Herbert

Evil Bun Bun

The Secret Path

Simon Howe

Robin in the Plum Blossoms

Meeting a Lost Snail

Mushroom and Sparrows

Two Sad Mice

Wolf in a Zoot Suit

Fixing Dad

Feeding the Ducks

Classroom Visitors

Sleeping Over

Gwynneth Jones

Girl at Sea

The Vege Garden

Fence Sitter

Kerry Anne Anne Jordinson

Margaret River region composit...

Go! Girls Go!

Kimberley Travellers


Picking Bush Flowers

Narelda Joy

Carmella the Chimp

Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde


Leopard Sausages Anyone?


Mad as a Hatter


Noelene Joanne Kizis

Australian Native Animal Stack

THe Young Giraffe

Storm in a Bottle

Sea lion and pup

Time and Tales of the Sea

Shelley Knoll-Miller

Hilary faces the mountain.

Fish of spontaneity

No-one can escape Masterchef

Act our love.

Portrait of my husband shaving...

Blue woman.

Monster in childcare

Monster washing

Sadami Konchi

Moon pp 18,19

A child is feeding birds.

The memory of a father and cap...


A boy thinking about life

Allison Langton

Grow a Little Fruit Tree

Saving Vegetable Seeds

Illustrated Map

English Staffordshire Bull Ter...

Botanical illustration

Bellflower pattern repeat

Kerrie Leishman



Fox Hat

sydney transport

Taking care of business

waratah riding the dragon.

climate change

cloud writing

Sonya Leonello

Lazy Baker

Dog and Bird

"I'm a SPORK"

Sarah Lin

The kite made of flames

Alter Dimension

Polluted World

Deer in the Winter

Herb Collector

Kirrili Lonergan

Young Readers

Ghost Stories

Dragons Den

Dancing Fial


Sacred Kingfisher of Australia...

Gerard Maille



Cartoon for technical magazine

Technical illustration

Medical illustration

nature study


Sonia Martignon

Steamy Nights

After dark all cats are leopar...

Be a bull in a china shop

Birds in the Bush series

Magic Garden

Celestial Parliament

Deep in the mangroves.

Christopher John Maxwell

Fork in the road

Power of your mind

Don't trust your eyes

A little imagination

Bored Obsession

Escape the storm

Seek out a friend

Make a pact

Shane McGowan

The Coloured Balloon

Brady Michaels

Cat and Fiddle Arcade

Theatre Royal

Museum of Old and New Art (MON...

The Lily Pond

McCann Bros

Constitution Dock

Emma Middleton

SCBWI Animals

Kate Moon

Little Terrors

Foxes in Love

Sweet Little Zombie


Sylvia Morris

the haunted mirror.


Debbie Mourtzios

After the Game

Rhiannon Mowat

Mister Raccoon

Whenever I fall

Fly away

The Kingfisher Kings

Carry us away

Caitlin Murray

A Drop in the Ocean

Bruce Mutard

Vung Tau 1971

Elizabeth Street, 1942

SAS Afghanistan

Darkness Beyond

It's All a Game

Sherlock Holmes

Gregory Myers



The Seine

Emma Cook

Heidi O'Brien

The Poet

The Busker's Surprise

Simon O'Carrigan

San Francisco

Planting Flags



Enlist! (Zappa / Stravinsky)


Esther Pang

VizbiPlus Challenge 2016 winne...

Fui Fui Moi Moi

Viking Maiden

Monkey Business

Golden Dragon


Mel Pearce

peko peko

the fun party is now

the flag man and barnabas, his...

walk along

Puffycat/cat for KA

the boy who drew cats

WAYRBA Poster 2017

Jessica Peascod

Agarista Agricola

Lilly Pilly

King Parrots

Magpies in the Moonlight

Alisa Perks

Marmaduke Finds Everest

The Icing Factory



Lamington National Park

Lachlan Plain

The Lost Journals of Pedro Pis...

The True Story of the Bull Hea...

War for the Universe

Manifesto for the Ill

The Unspeakable

Sergey Sayonavich's Imper...

The Lyrebird's Tale

The Boy and the Crone

The Imagineer


Magical Moon

Tender Loving Care (TLC)


Wish Upon a Star

Yellow Submarine

Emilie Protiere

Girls with ponytails

Feather in his hat

Valentine's day

Slip, slop, slap

Chish 'n fips


Swimming lesson

Jess Racklyeft


Milestone cards

Alison Jane Rice

Tarty McBarty

Echidna Tale

Sama Rind

Lend Me Your Wings

The Journey

The Witches Room


The Writer

Act of Kindness

The Creature

Dan Kyp Saunders

uncle ted

frog study mixed media

Nik Scott

Horror on the beach

Boat Race

Annmarie Scott

Shine like the stars.

Angelica's Finale.

Peter Sheehan

Watchdog or Lapdog

Julian Assange

Phyllis Wong

Anne Spudvilas

At Limeburners Point

China Plate

Jane Stadermann

Owl and Pussycat

White Rabbit

Lisa Stewart





Katie Stewart

Fantasy Landscape

The Prospector

Laura Stitzel


A Day in the Park

Aren't I Clever

Bed time

I love Avant Card

A Little Nonsense


Travis Storti

Retro New York City


Jacob Giraffe Book

Paul Taplin

Snowdrop [Snow White and the S...

Snowdrop [Snow White] lay for...

In Your Eyes

Autumn Rhythms

Feathers, Webs and Ropes

Rending the Veil

EMerge: Play


Joel Tarling

Kitchen Garden

Leichhardt Town Hall

Riding to the pool

Magic Yellow Bus


Adele K Thomas

Penguin Concept Art

Eqyptian Vampire Concept Art

Mermaid/Merman Concept Art

Gwen Stefani Character Design

Fiona Tsang

Kotori: Under the Pines

Shiro: Among the Lilies

The Warrior in the Water

Kohaku: Camp and Cicada

Yokai Forest: Warrior and Wood...

The Marauder and the Moon

White Wanderland

His Nibs, Prince of Stories

Coral Tulloch

Characters of the Deep

The Shadow

2017 Colour in calendar

Ball's Pyramid

The Shell Collectors

Angelo Vlachoulis

Poker's Liar

Lucky Leprechaun

Texas Ranger

Imperial House

Tania Walker

Defying Doomsday cover

Waiting Room of an Adventurous...

A Simple Quest - character des...

Girl Adventurer-Mechanic from...

Judy Watson

Blob Bird with blue coat

first day of school

Found poetry / altered book ar...

Altered book art: Train home f...

Tomi Dog

Julia Weston

The crowd

The Kitchen

Wine map of New Zealand

Cupids in the City


Ben Wood

The Wattle Tree