Intended audience: Educational

Liz Anelli

Maddie's First Day

Circular Quays

Desert Lake The story of Kati...

Newcastle On Foot Touring Map

One Photo page spread

Ten Pound Pom page spread

Danielle Belegris

Sunsmart Decorative Frame

Alyssa Bermudez

Tasmanian Thylacine

Philip Blythe




POLE TO POLE Cover artwork



Christina Booth

Sometimes She is Sad

Mrs Bea Knew He Was Special



Hippo in the Hallway

Jungle Frog

Blue Tongue Lizard

Matthew Broughton

Vacation bear



The Legacy Part 1

The Legacy Part 2

The Legacy Part 3

Graeme Laurence Compton

Elephandt Selfie (after Rembra...

Return of the Fox

Belinda Elliott

Bessie knitting

Going Home

Sandra Eterovic

The Hungry Eye

Read My Mind

Packaged Good (detail)

Sebastian Fowler

Caritas AACES

The Unknown

Marjory Gardner

Promotional postcard

Rachel Gregg

Merry Christmas

Plum Sleeps

Who Rescued Who?

She's there in our Tree

Maxine Hamilton

Hiking Panda

Frenchy Mouse

Pascal the Pidgeon

Mouse house

Hooded Parrot

Thomas Hamlyn-Harris

Monster in the Roof - English...

Locus of Control

Sally Heinrich

Lantern Parade

Singapore Zoo

The Long Haired Girl

Sunshine Herbert

Tylahs Truth Cover


Nicky Johnston

Honey Brew Tea

The Orange Crayon

Feeding the Ducks

Classroom Visitors

Sleeping Over


Fixing Dad

Laughing Together

Gwynneth Jones

Tropical Bear

Kerry Anne Jordinson

Learning To Fly - Aussie Anima...


Picking Bush Flowers

Zoo Baby

Margaret River region composit...

Narelda Joy

Carmella the Chimp


The Snail Race



Noelene Joanne Kizis

Sea lion and pup

Australian Native Animal Stack

Shelley Knoll-Miller

Monster in childcare

Hilary faces the mountain.

Sadami Konchi

Intercultural Communication

Linguistic Diversity and Socia...

Spider Lee

Wobbly Boots

The Journey

Kerrie Leishman

climate change

Kirrili Lonergan

Bobbing Balloons

Blow ...


Loppy Falling

Kathryn Elisabeth Lovejoy

Australian Brush-turkey

Dancing Fial


Sacred Kingfisher of Australia...

Northern QLD Spotted Quoll

Yvonne Low

Jack of Spades front cover

Leaves are turning

Gerard Maille

Technical illustration

Medical illustration

nature study

Cover of publication

Sonia Martignon

Be a bull in a china shop

Birds in the Bush series

Creepy Critters

Tania McCartney

Sydney Ferries

Adelaide Map

The Platypus

Birthday Party

Shane McGowan



Bronwyn on her bike

Emma Middleton

SCBWI Animals

Ron Monnier

How Sun, Moon and Wind went ou...

Fishing for Elbow Slappers

Bendy Chicken counts to 20

The octopus in the tree

The octopus in the tree

Charlie Pasta cook master

Perfect Space

Perfect Space

Debbie Mourtzios

The Super Specs

The little mermaid

Adam Murphy

'Be Curious'

'Let Your Imagination Fly...

'Morgan The Mischievous...

Morgan the Mischievous - the p...

Dear Diary

Bruce Mutard

Down on the knees

Gregory Myers


Dale Newman

The Broken Mast

Bear and Fox

Little Ant

Esther Pang

VizbiPlus Challenge 2016 winne...

Nicolee Payne

Toy Room

Mel Pearce

WAYRBA Poster 2017

Jessica Peascod

The Meeting

King Parrots

Blackbutt Reserve

Agarista Agricola

Lilly Pilly

Emilie Protiere

Swimming lesson


Alison Jane Rice

Echidna Tale

Leah Russack

Cloud Watching


Frog Escape

Dan Kyp Saunders

frog study mixed media

boy in a bottle

gekos on holiday

Lisa Stewart


Katie Stewart


Laura Stitzel

Mr Mo Starts to Grow

Adele K Thomas

Bug Club: Mission In The Jungl...

Animals Eat Their Veggies Too!

Animals Eat Their Veggies Too!

Meredith Rona Thomas

'Paper Pond' (detai...

'Surf Girls'

'The Ugly Duckling'

Annetta Tsang

TaTa Tooth Bunny Working at Ho...

Love from the Heart

Be Differently Different

"Dentists are Scary....

Once Upon A Time

Poppy and Chirpy - Fun with Fl...

Coral Tulloch

Ball's Pyramid

Endpaper One Small Island

Mitch Vane

Bed Tails

The Patch by Christina Chen-He...

Dad is just not thinking strai...

Angelo Vlachoulis

School cutaway infographic

Food Chain

Energy from Biomass

Judy Watson

Found poetry / altered book ar...

Tomi Dog

Kim Woolley

At the beach

Two blue tulips


A Special Customer by Bill Con...