Media/Technique: Brush & ink

Matthew Broughton

Vintage Radio

Bike against fence

Fiona Burrows

The Wildflower Quilt

Graeme Laurence Compton

Hannah Hugs Howie

Howie Scarpers


Weird Steed

Of Dragons

Return of the Fox

Vaughan Duck


Liz Duthie

Mr and Mrs Wormwood from Matil...

Andrea Edmonds

Elephant slide



Peter Fairfax

Loup Garou

Pae Schentt

Arsenic Rochentete


Sebastian Fowler

A moment of calm

The Unknown

Bat the Raven


Marjory Gardner

Christmas card

Picnic in the Park

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

My Beach Jeep fold-out track

Zelda in a hurry!

Ann James

Bear and Bird

Gwynneth Jones

Girl at Sea

Narelda Joy

Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde

Shelley Knoll-Miller

Portrait of my husband shaving...

Monster washing

This Boy

This Boy and That Boy

Big Book Tiny Boy

Kerrie Leishman


Sacred Kingfisher of Australia...

Dragons Den

Felicity Marshall

Would you like to share?

Christopher John Maxwell

Escape the storm

Seek out a friend

Make a pact

Fork in the road

Power of your mind

Don't trust your eyes

A little imagination

Danielle McDonald

Double Dare You - Ella Diaries

Flower Power - Ella and Olivia...

Flower Power - Ella Diaries

Ron Monnier

How Sun, Moon and Wind went ou...

Kate Moon

Ink Sketches

Debbie Mourtzios

The Super Specs

Fergus and the Princess

Happy again

Bruce Mutard

In the Ring

Sunrise China Beach

Down on the knees

Simon O'Carrigan

Flight Paths

Rosehip Campground, Chena Stat...


Holding hands

Blue Truck

Traffic Lights, Fremont, Seatt...

Mel Pearce

peko peko

the flag man and barnabas, his...

the boy who drew cats

WAYRBA Poster 2017

Emma Quay

Family hug

Scarlett shone. Like a star.

Bird and the moon

I could nibble on your nose

Up the stairs to bed

Shrieking Violet

Dan Kyp Saunders

dan on car

captain mullet

frog study mixed media

Annmarie Scott

Down the rabbit hole.

Where is Alice going?

Tea party.

Shine like the stars.

Clara and the Nutcracker

White Rabbit's House

Laura Stitzel

Aren't I Clever

Meredith Rona Thomas

' A Swim in the Sea'...

'Surf Girls'

'The Ugly Duckling'

'Paper Pond' (detai...


'This sea was scary......

Tales of wet seasons past

Organ house

Mitch Vane

Belinda the Ninja Ballerina

The Patch by Christina Chen-He...

Little Lunch by Danny Katz

Our ( Last ) Trip to the Marke...

Dad is just not thinking strai...

Bed Tails

Judy Watson

Tomi Dog