Media/Technique: Mixed media

Liz Anelli

Ten Pound Pom page spread

Grace and Katie page spread

Maddie's First Day


Desert Lake The story of Kati...

Alyssa Bermudez

Tasmanian Thylacine

Christian Bocquee

Very Cross Bun

Christina Booth

Hippo in the Hallway

Sometimes She is Sad


Fiona Burrows

The Cut-out Stars

Lorena Carrington

Baba Yaga

The Toy Shop

Hanging Castle


The Fox

Baba Yaga's House

The Leaf Sets Sail

Trish Donald

Cement Life 1

Cement Life 2

Reptilicus 1

Reptilicus Dragon 2

Sweet Girl

Liz Duthie

Dr Foster Went To Gloucester

Old New

Big Red's Family


Granny Arrived

Andrea Edmonds


Man so tall


Juggling act

Elephant slide

Lulu's dragon


Rachel Gregg

Merry Christmas

Plum Sleeps

She's there in our Tree

Four Angels

Simone Hale

Kitchen items

Ann James

Laugh kookaburra, laugh

Mad as a Hatter


Carmella the Chimp

Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde


The Snail Race

Shelley Knoll-Miller

Blue woman.

Kerrie Leishman

Taking care of business

waratah riding the dragon.

climate change

Yvonne Low

Leaves are turning

Shane McGowan

Teds Tall Tale

Emma Middleton

SCBWI Animals

Picnic in the garden

Ron Monnier

Perfect Space

Fishing for Elbow Slappers

The octopus in the tree

The octopus in the tree

Charlie Pasta cook master

Perfect Space

Heidi O'Brien

Tea and Butterflies

The Hypnotist

Dance Lessons from a Spider


The Forest Cafe

The Duet

The Poet

The Busker's Surprise

Mel Pearce

no paper left

peko peko

the flag man and barnabas, his...

walk along

Puffycat/cat for KA

the boy who drew cats

WAYRBA Poster 2017

Emilie Protiere

Slip, slop, slap

Chish 'n fips


Swimming lesson

Girls with ponytails

Feather in his hat

Mon amour

Valentine's day

Emma Quay

Bird and the moon

I could nibble on your nose

Up the stairs to bed

Shrieking Violet

Alicia Rogerson

Into The Night

Ferns and Fuschia

I Don't Drink Tea

Baking an Apple Pie

Connie Johnson Portrait

If I Had One Wish

Leah Russack

Cloud Watching


Dan Kyp Saunders

dan on car

boy in a bottle

Anne Spudvilas

'I could feel my mother...

Lisa Stewart



Play Me A Story...The Nutcrack...

Paul Taplin

EMerge: Play

Requiem for the sea

The flood

Katie and Ngarlu

Mitch Vane

No Thanks Hanks by Danny Katz

Ben Wood

Possums Reading

The Wattle Tree

Bilby causes trouble!