Style: Line work

Liz Anelli


Ten Pound Pom page spread



Pepsi has a shower

Christina Booth

Where to Start: The Dangerous...

Matthew Broughton

Illustration for a book by Wil...

Table with papers

Fiona Burrows

Io's Imaginary World

Moreton Bay Roots


Looking Into the Past

Graeme Laurence Compton

Hannah Hugs Howie

Howie Scarpers


Trish Donald

Sweet Girl

Tissywoo Bakes a Cake

Liz Duthie

Mr and Mrs Wormwood from Matil...

Planning a holiday

Andrea Edmonds

Elephant slide



Peter Fairfax

Arsenic Rochentete


Loup Garou


The Mask

The Deep

Pae Schentt

Sebastian Fowler

The Unknown

Rachel Gregg

I feel. I am fragile.

The Kindest Girls are the Pret...

Tele Buddies

She's there in our Tree

Four Angels

Plum Sleeps

Victoria Hall

Bath Time


Sally Heinrich

Ephemerant - night

Nicky Johnston

Feeding the Ducks

Noelene Joanne Kizis

Time and Tales of the Sea

Shelley Knoll-Miller

Hilary faces the mountain.

Fish of spontaneity

No-one can escape Masterchef

Act our love.

Charlotte C Lance

A Really Super Hero 1

A Really Super Hero 2

That Boy

This Boy

This Boy and That Boy

Big Book Tiny Boy

An Inconvenient Dog

Kerrie Leishman



Fox Hat

sydney transport

Kirrili Lonergan

The Dive


Sacred Kingfisher of Australia...


Dragons Den

Sonia Martignon

After dark all cats are leopar...

Be a bull in a china shop

Danielle McDonald

Double Dare You - Ella Diaries

Flower Power - Ella Diaries

Shane McGowan


Ron Monnier

Charlie Pasta cook master

Fishing for Elbow Slappers

Kate Moon

Ink Sketches


Simon O'Carrigan

Flight Paths

Bearly dressed?

Blue Truck

Traffic Lights, Fremont, Seatt...

My Dog

Esther Pang



Mel Pearce

peko peko

the fun party is now

Jessica Peascod

Magpies in the Moonlight

Emilie Protiere

Feather in his hat

Mon amour

Emma Quay

Up the stairs to bed

All along the floorboards

Rudie Nudie on the rug

Family hug

Scarlett shone. Like a star.

I could nibble on your nose

Alison Jane Rice

Tarty McBarty's bagpipes

Echidna Tale

Dan Kyp Saunders

dan on car

Annmarie Scott

Down the rabbit hole.

Where is Alice going?

Tea party.

Shine like the stars.

Angelica's Finale.

Fishing Boy

Lisa Stewart


Play Me A Story...The Nutcrack...

Laura Stitzel




A Day in the Park

Aren't I Clever

Annetta Tsang

Day Dreaming about Bubbles

Coral Tulloch

Endpaper One Small Island

Mitch Vane

The Patch by Christina Chen-He...

Little Lunch by Danny Katz

Our ( Last ) Trip to the Marke...

Dad is just not thinking strai...

Belinda the Ninja Ballerina

Tania Walker


Judy Watson

Blob Bird with blue coat

first day of school

title page image

Ernie and Maud's quarrel

Found poetry / altered book ar...

Altered book art: Train home f...

Ben Wood

Chapter book illustrations

The Wattle Tree

Kim Woolley

Kate and the twins