Style: Painterly

Liz Anelli

Desert Lake The story of Kati...

One Photo page spread

Christian Bocquee

Crystal Cave

Matthew Broughton


Fiona Burrows



Looking Into the Past

Midnight Dreaming

Lorena Carrington

Baba Yaga

Liz Duthie

Dr Foster Went To Gloucester

Old New

Big Red's Family

Andrea Edmonds

Lulu's dragon


Man so tall


Juggling act

Sandra Eterovic

Girl with Turnip/ Lady and Liz...

Rowena Parade, 4pm

The Hungry Eye

Under the Couch

Napoleons Dumb Bell/ The King...

Read My Mind

Packaged Good (detail)

A page from "Meet Sidney...

Peter Fairfax



Pae Schentt

Amanda Francey

Waiting for that tingly Christ...

Take Ted Instead

Squeezy Cuddle Bear Hugs

When all of a sudden

Waiting for Raffi

Bedtime for Raffi

Hibernating with Bears

Trouble For Toby

Rachel Gregg

Four Angels

I feel. I am fragile.

Simon Howe


Two Sad Mice

Robin in the Plum Blossoms

The Perfect Cup of Tea

Something Strange is Happening

Meeting a Lost Snail

Nicky Johnston

Honey Brew Tea

The Orange Crayon

Feeding the Ducks


Fixing Dad

Laughing Together

Kerry Anne Jordinson

Kimberley Travellers

Narelda Joy

Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde


The Snail Race

Leopard Sausages Anyone?

Sadami Konchi

Moon pp 18,19

A child is feeding birds.


Intercultural Communication

Spider Lee

Seven Brothers

Seven Brothers

The Journey

Sonya Leonello

Dog and Bird

Sonia Martignon

Birds in the Bush series

Christopher John Maxwell

Power of your mind

Don't trust your eyes

A little imagination

Escape the storm

Seek out a friend

Make a pact

Fork in the road

Tania McCartney

Sydney Ferries

Adelaide Map

Mind Garden Bear

The Platypus

Shane McGowan

Teds Tall Tale



Ron Monnier

Perfect Space

Perfect Space

How Sun, Moon and Wind went ou...

Kate Moon

Sweet Little Zombie

Shark Gang

Squished Elephant

The Little Sky Pirate

Little Terrors

Foxes in Love

Rhiannon Mowat

Fly away

Adam Murphy

'Be Curious'

Simon O'Carrigan

Rosehip Campground, Chena Stat...

Blue Truck

Jessica Peascod

King Parrots

Blackbutt Reserve

Alisa Perks

Lamington National Park

Giuseppe Poli

Grumbly bath time

Grumbles in bed

Tough decisions

When the mice where making mag...

When the Pixies were partying

My pirate ship

To the moon and back

Emma Quay

I could nibble on your nose

Up the stairs to bed

Shrieking Violet

Family hug

Bird and the moon

Alicia Rogerson

If I Had One Wish

frog study mixed media

Annmarie Scott

Down the rabbit hole.

Where is Alice going?

Tea party.

Shine like the stars.

Fishing Boy

Clara and the Nutcracker

Danny Snell





Bilby Moon

You Are My Special Baby



Anthea Stead

Sally Snicker's Knicker...

Katie Stewart

The Butterfly


Fantasy Landscape

The Prospector

The Dragon Box

Lisa Stewart

Play Me A Story...The Nutcrack...

Katie Stewart

The Disguise


Castle Quirky

Mr Mo Starts to Grow

A Little Nonsense

Charlie's Tales: Sylvie a...


Aren't I Clever


Meredith Rona Thomas


' Johnny'

'This sea was scary......

' A Swim in the Sea'...

Renee Treml

Little Fawn

Emma by Moonlight

Bernadette Trench-Thiedeman

Katie and Ngarlu

Tania Walker

Defying Doomsday cover

Girl Adventurer-Mechanic from...

Ben Wood

The Wattle Tree