Style: Sculptural

James Robert Cattell

The Approach of Albuminoid

The Final Move

The Moon Lion

Albuman's Quest

Narelda Joy

Carmella the Chimp

Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde


The Snail Race


Mad as a Hatter


Kerrie Leishman

Taking care of business

Sonia Martignon

Deep in the mangroves.

Heidi O'Brien

The Hypnotist

Dance Lessons from a Spider


The Forest Cafe

The Duet

The Poet

The Busker's Surprise

Tea and Butterflies

Paul Taplin

Snowdrop [Snow White] lay for...

In Your Eyes

Feathers, Webs and Ropes

Rending the Veil

EMerge: Play

Meredith Rona Thomas

'Paper Pond' (detai...