Subject: Animals

Liz Anelli

Desert Lake The story of Kati...


Flying Croc

Polar Holiday

Danielle Belegris

Little Mermaids

Sunsmart Decorative Frame

In the Savannah

Alyssa Bermudez

The Nativity

Tasmanian Thylacine

We shall meet in the place whe...

Lucie Billingsley

Now it's raining inside t...


Chickpea's Feathers

The Teacher Reads from a Big B...




Philip Blythe

POLE TO POLE Cover artwork







Christian Bocquee

Very Cross Bun

Setting Off

The Dog Tags

Christina Booth

Jungle Frog

Blue Tongue Lizard

Sometimes She is Sad

Mrs Bea Knew He Was Special


Where to Start: The Dangerous...


Hippo in the Hallway

Matthew Broughton

Vacation bear

Lion smoking a pipe

Skater dog

Flying Pig for French Connecti...



Fiona Burrows



Lorena Carrington

Baba Yaga

Adam Celeban

Chadwick's Challenge

High Tea at the Top End

Office Pandamonium

Trevor the Meerkat

Nana at the Mall


Graeme Laurence Compton

Hannah Hugs Howie

Howie Scarpers

Return of the Fox

Vaughan Duck

The Ant Explorer

Liz Duthie

Mr and Mrs Wormwood from Matil...

Old New

Big Red's Family

Andrea Edmonds

Juggling act

Elephant slide

Lulu's dragon




Belinda Elliott


Moving In

Sandra Eterovic

Girl with Turnip/ Lady and Liz...

Napoleons Dumb Bell/ The King...

Sebastian Fowler

Bat the Raven

Going Underground


Amanda Francey

Waiting for that tingly Christ...

Squeezy Cuddle Bear Hugs

Trouble For Toby

Marjory Gardner

Promotional postcard

Fancy Foxy

Picnic in the Park

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

My Beach Jeep fold-out track

Zelda in a hurry!

Rachel Gregg

Merry Christmas

Plum Sleeps

Who Rescued Who?

I feel. I am fragile.

The Kindest Girls are the Pret...

Tele Buddies

She's there in our Tree

Four Angels

School Echidna

Victoria Hall

I Love You More Than Cheese


Maxine Hamilton

Frenchy Mouse

Pascal the Pidgeon

Mouse house

Little Miss Fox

Scooting Raffy

Hooded Parrot

Hiking Panda

Thomas Hamlyn-Harris

Crocodile Xray

Chimp typing Hamlet

James Hart

You Choose

The City of the Dulucs

Sally Heinrich

Small sweet bananas

Ephemerant - night

Singapore Zoo

Tree of Life - Earth

Forest Dance

Simon Howe


Two Sad Mice

Robin in the Plum Blossoms

The Perfect Cup of Tea

Meeting a Lost Snail

Mushroom and Sparrows

Ffranses Elizabeth Ingram

The Man in the Panama Hat and...

Wolf in a Zoot Suit

Raven Catches the Sun

g for gabardine

Ann James

The Hug

The Kiss

Shake Shake!

Laugh kookaburra, laugh

Bear and Bird

At the Pond

Nicky Johnston

The Orange Crayon

Feeding the Ducks

Gwynneth Jones

The Ballerina and The Bee

Drawing on the Pony

Zebra Crossing

Tropical Bear

Kerry Anne Jordinson

Learning To Fly - Aussie Anima...

Walk, Squawk and Talk

Zoo Baby

Narelda Joy

Carmella the Chimp


The Snail Race

Leopard Sausages Anyone?



Noelene Joanne Kizis

Australian Native Animal Stack

The Enchanted Bookshop

The Green Tailed Mermaid

THe Young Giraffe

Storm in a Bottle

The Balloon Trip

Sea lion and pup

Time and Tales of the Sea

Shelley Knoll-Miller

Monster in childcare

Monster washing

Fish of spontaneity

Portrait of my husband shaving...

Sadami Konchi

My Dog Socks

Moon pp 18,19

p32 Socks and a boy

A child is feeding birds.


Charlotte C Lance

An Inconvenient Dog

Cat's got your Key

Spider Lee

Seven Brothers

Seven Brothers

The Journey

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothin...

Kerrie Leishman

cloud writing

Sonya Leonello

Running Dog

Dog and Bird


Kirrili Lonergan

Tea Party

Young Readers

The Dive

Kathryn Elisabeth Lovejoy

Australian Brush-turkey

Dancing Fial

Sacred Kingfisher of Australia...

Northern QLD Spotted Quoll

Dragons Den

Yvonne Low

The Tower


Bush Christmas

Going Wild!

Helene Magisson

Jacaranda Snow

Slowly Slowly

Lily s Balloon

Felicity Marshall

Dancing Bear

Would you like to share?

Sage with ark of animals

Sage and Larrikin on the Beach

Sonia Martignon

Steamy Nights

After dark all cats are leopar...

Be a bull in a china shop

Birds in the Bush series

Creepy Critters

Magic Garden

Celestial Parliament

Deep in the mangroves.

Christopher John Maxwell

Seek out a friend

Make a pact

Power of your mind

Don't trust your eyes

A little imagination

Bored Obsession

Tania McCartney

The Platypus

Danielle McDonald

Sheep On a Beach

Juicy Juicy Green Grass

Wash Your Face In Orange Juice

Wash Your Face in Orange Juice

Shane McGowan

Tiger's Roar

Bronwyn on her bike

Emma Middleton

Ruby with her Bunny

Clover and Angus

SCBWI Animals

Picnic in the garden


Swimming with Friends

Ron Monnier

The octopus in the tree

The octopus in the tree

Charlie Pasta cook master

Perfect Space

Perfect Space

Bendy Chicken counts to 20

Kate Moon

The Little Sky Pirate

Foxes in Love

Shark Gang

Squished Elephant

Sylvia Morris

hide and seek

summer adventures

eating and sleeping

Rhiannon Mowat

Whenever I fall

Fly away

Counting Stars

The Kingfisher Kings


Carry us away

In a jungle movie

Sweet dreams

Adam Murphy

Morgan the Mischievous

'Be Curious'

'Let Your Imagination Fly...

'Morgan The Mischievous...

Morgan the Mischievous - the p...

Never Lose Your Wonder!

Caitlin Murray

"Squirrelled Away" W...

Le Chat Blanc


The Missing Treasure.

Design Your Own Future - Perso...

Wonderful Christmas in Oz

A Journey of Self Discovery wi...

Something For Fleur. Written b...

Gregory Myers

Crocodile or Alligator?

The Lesser Bilby

Dale Newman

Song for a Scarlet Runner

Madame Lovegrove and Hugo

Bear and Fox

Little Ant

Heidi O'Brien

The Forest Cafe

The Duet

The Hypnotist

Dance Lessons from a Spider

Simon O'Carrigan

Flight Paths

Bearly dressed?

Holding hands

My Dog

Esther Pang

Reading Companions


Mad Llama Party

Toy Room

Monkey Business

Golden Dragon

Mel Pearce

Puffycat/cat for KA

the boy who drew cats

WAYRBA Poster 2017

Jessica Peascod

The Meeting

Daylit Koala

Moonlit Koala

King Parrots

Blackbutt Reserve

Magpies in the Moonlight

Agarista Agricola

Alisa Perks

Mr Biscuit Flies a Kite

Giuseppe Poli

When the mice where making mag...

When the Pixies were partying

Emma Quay

Family hug

Bird and the moon

I could nibble on your nose

Up the stairs to bed

Alison Jane Rice

Tarty McBarty

Ode to May Gibbs

Echidna Tale

Alicia Rogerson

Boho Power Tribal Skull

Leah Russack

Cloud Watching


Frog Escape


Frog Stack

Octo Friends

Unlikely Friends - Lost

gekos on holiday

frog study mixed media

Annmarie Scott

Down the rabbit hole.

Tea party.

Fishing Boy

Danny Snell

Bilby Moon

You Are My Special Baby







Anthea Stead

NSW Premier's Reading Cha...

Sally Snicker's Knicker...

Somebody's House


Somebody's House

Somebody's House

Katie Stewart


Lisa Stewart




Flying Elephant


Play Me A Story...The Nutcrack...

Katie Stewart

The Butterfly

Lisa Stewart


Katie Stewart

The Disguise

Laura Stitzel

A Little Nonsense



Aren't I Clever



Paul Taplin

In Your Eyes

Meredith Rona Thomas


'Paper Pond' (detai...

' Johnny'

Adele K Thomas

Bug Club: Mission In The Jungl...

Meredith Rona Thomas


Adele K Thomas

Animals Eat Their Veggies Too!

Meredith Rona Thomas

'This sea was scary......

Adele K Thomas

Animals Eat Their Veggies Too!

Meredith Rona Thomas

' A Swim in the Sea'...

Adele K Thomas

Animals Eat Their Veggies Too!

Meredith Rona Thomas

'The Ugly Duckling'

Adele K Thomas

Pearl The Magical Unicorn

Renee Treml

Emma by Moonlight

Lonely Kestral

Six Little Fruit Bats

Five Little Dingos

Sherlock Bones

Little Fawn

Bernadette Trench-Thiedeman

Tales of wet seasons past

Katie and Ngarlu

Squirrel in the tree

Annetta Tsang

TaTa Tooth Bunny Working at Ho...

Day Dreaming about Bubbles

"Dentists are Scary....

Poppy and Chirpy - Fun with Fl...

Mitch Vane

No Thanks Hanks by Danny Katz

The Patch by Christina Chen-He...

Bed Tails

Tania Walker


Lady and the Tiger

Red Tiger

Judy Watson

Tomi Dog

I don't have any buttons

Blob Bird with blue coat

title page image

Ernie and Maud's quarrel

Found poetry / altered book ar...

Altered book art: Train home f...

Annie White

The chooks were rather grumpy.

He even sleeps like a bear

Ben Wood

Possums Reading

Chapter book illustrations

The Yellow Brick Road

Bilby causes trouble!

Kim Woolley

Penny to the resuce

Playful lambs

Two blue tulips


At the beach