Subject: Fashion

Matthew Broughton

Vacation bear

Lion smoking a pipe

Sandra Eterovic

Under the Couch

Read My Mind

Girl with Turnip/ Lady and Liz...

Rowena Parade, 4pm

The Hungry Eye

Kerry Anne Jordinson

Go! Girls Go!

Narelda Joy

Mad as a Hatter

Kerrie Leishman



sydney transport

Felicity Marshall

China Cutie

Sonia Martignon

Steamy Nights

Tania McCartney

The Flower Girl

Sylvia Morris

time to move on, pup.

Gregory Myers

The Seine

Simon O'Carrigan

Bearly dressed?

Esther Pang



Emilie Protiere

Slip, slop, slap

Chish 'n fips


Swimming lesson

Valentine's day

Alison Jane Rice

Tarty McBarty's bagpipes

Arty Barty's Magic Paint...

Alicia Rogerson

Into The Night

Ferns and Fuschia

Judy Watson

Found poetry / altered book ar...

Altered book art: Train home f...